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G.R.P. Hulls with cast in Ballast, plywood decks with ruled planking, carbon fibre or C/F & aluminium spars & Mylar sails. Detailing includes, coach roof with hatch, handrails, windows or skylight, for deck hatch, & handrails and self- draining cockpit with coamings. All have excellent sailing performance in light to moderate weather and are controllable in 20 knots of wind. Sail & Steering servos are included in price as is two-colour paintwork.


Based on KR Cruiser Circa 1937, long elegant overhangs. L.O.A.: 1095mm L.W.L: 725mm B.O.A: 230mm Draft: 158mm. Approximate Displacement. 4.85kg - ¾ rig. Sail area: 4600 cm². Overall Height on stand: 1600mm


Classic Cruiser with transom hung rudder circa 1945. L.O.A: 785mm. L.W.L: 670mm B.O.A: 235mm. Draft: 145mm. Approximate Displacement: 3.95kg - 85% Rig. Sail Area: 3290 cm² Overall. Height on stand 1330mm.


Classic racing cruiser circa 1952. L.O.A: 895mm. L.W.L: 680mm B.O.A: 230mm Draft: 145mm. Approximate Displacement: 4.4kg ⅞ Rig. Sail Area: 3920 cm² Overall Height on stand 1405mm


Based on R.O.R.C. Ocean Racer circa 1957. L.O.A: 865mm L.W.L. 710mm B.O.A.: 226mm Draft: 158. Approximate Displacement: 4.15kg Masthead Rig. Sail Area: 3750cm². Overall Height on stand: 1450


Classic Cruiser Racer circa 1967. Canoe Stern. L.O.A: 970mm L.W.L: 770mm BOA: 233mm Draft: 158. Approx. Displacement: 4.7kg 86% rig. Sail Area: 4600cm². Overall Height on stand: 1550mm
Prices Ex Works: Stand models with detailing as above. VORAN $735.00 VAMP $715.00 VITAL $725.00 VIDAR IV $710.00 VALIANT $730.00 Basic Sailing Versions without detailing and plain access hatch approx. 85% of above. Ballasted shells with general construction plan and sail plan or boats to various stages of construction P.O.A. Planked racing models to LRYC Inc maxi small boat rule. Maximums are: L.O.A: 1100. Mast Height (allowing 10mm deck chamber): 1400.Max fin projection below hull, incl bulb: 350mm. “Karis X A” & “Joanne X”: $1095.00 Note: Very open LRYC Inc rule may be tightened, in future re maximum sail area, minimum beam, displacement and bulb weight, but will allow any smaller boats to compete. E.g. A one metre with reduced mast height and fin projection. (Possible to a reduction formula, although as LRYC Inc racing is to handicaps such a formula is unlikely to eventuate.)

Neutrad Yacht Models by Andy Milne:

2015-2016 Range - Semi Scale Classic Yachts.